Lean into the sacrament of Holy Matrimony and discover its joys
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Be Best Friends with Your Spouse

Handle Conflict with Grace

Suffer Well and Be Stronger for It

Satan hates your marriage.

A hectic schedule that leaves you in reaction-mode isn't helping, either.

And wouldn't he be delighted if you and your spouse never lived the fullness of your sacrament?

He wants you divided. Lonely. Waking up in 20 years as strangers.

God's plan for your marriage is vibrant and fruitful. Your marriage, fully lived, serves as a missionary outpost in enemy-occupied territory, giving hope to those who are lost.

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God wants your marriage to be amazing.

So good, in fact, that it changes the world.

Hi, We're Joseph and Crystal Gruber.

We know it can feel like the world is against your marriage. Nobody should have to experience purposelessness in marriage.

Your marriage matters to us.

That's why we started Our Outpost - to share the wisdom we've received over the years, and help your marriage bear fruit that will last.

  • “Joseph and Crystal provide insights that are deeply rich and, at the same time, bite sized. Their commitment to being Missionary Disciples is clearly seen in their content, which aims to guide every married couple to the indispensable beauty of the Catholic faith.”
    Curtis Martin, Founder of FOCUS
  • 'I have seen Joseph and Crystal's practical advice deeply impact many college students in their lives and dating relationships. I personally lean on principals they teach when I give advice to students about dating and engagement. I trust them to provide solid advice about marriage and dating that is rooted in truth, goodness, and beauty.'
    Fr. Dustin Larson, Chaplain of Northern Michigan University
  • This retreat really made the aspects of dating a lot more simplified for me. I do not have a lot of dating experience, and I am in my early 20s. I often feel shame and try to hide/compensate for my inexperience. This retreat provided me with freedom and clarity and I am not ashamed anymore
    Retreat Participant
  • Joseph and Crystal are incredible. Their talks were definitely the highlight of the retreat. I was able to actually be active and interested the entire time. They were incredibly applicable. Not only was I interested in the moment, but I am able to actually put these into action.
    Retreat Participant
  • Crystal and Joseph Gruber were incredible speakers. Loved the set-up of the topic of dating-- focusing on God->friends->romantic relationships. I would have loved them to actually talk more. I could listen to Crystal and Joseph talk all day.
    Retreat Participant

    Your Marriage, Leveled-Up in 4 Steps


    Invest in Your Marriage

    Make your relationship the best it can be.

    Identify and Pursue Shared Goals

    The two of you: pretty great. The two of you with a plan: amazing.

    Cultivate a Fruitful Life

    Identify dreams and make them a reality.

    Bless the World by Your Witness

    Allow your love to serve as a light in a weary world.

    We teach faithful Catholic couples to overcome distractions and disorganization so they can build a life they love and so their joyful marriage will change the world around them.

    At Our Outpost we know that you want to have a thriving marriage. In order to do that, you need a sense of purpose in your home and clear priorities. The problem is that's the last thing Satan wants, and he's doing all he can to pull you apart. Add in modern busy lifestyles, and it's easy to end up feeling lonely, stuck, purposeless, and somehow simultaneously pulled in every direction and feel directionless. We believe marriage should be joyful, peaceful, and fruitful. We understand that marriage these days can feel like an uphill battle you're fighting alone. Nobody should have to experience purposelessness in marriage. Your marriage matters to us, and we're ready to help you make it great.

    Here's how: 1. Invest in Your Marriage 2. Identify and Pursue Shared Goals 3. Cultivate a Fruitful Life 4. Bless the World By Your Witness

    So, join our the Your Outpost Marriage Membership. Or in the meantime, grab a free guide. So you can stop Satan's plan to distract you from the glory God has prepared for your marriage.

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