Our Outpost

Awakening an Authentic Catholic Culture through Holy Matrimony

Hi! We’re Joseph and Crystal Gruber, and we want to equip Catholic men and women to answer the call of holy matrimony through formation and accompaniment!

We’re officially becoming a ministry!

We want to turn back the tide on the disintegration of the family… so we’re transitioning to Our Outpost being our full time work! This year, we will start (or continue) tackling the following things to help people live out the sacrament of holy matrimony:

  • an online dating course
  • an online marriage enrichment community
  • local dating and marriage enrichment workshops
  • retreats for college campuses
  • parish missions
  • private consulting

Would you consider financially supporting this work?! If so, you can do so with a tax deductible gift here:

What We Do

Do you listen to podcasts? Check out ours for faithful formation for Catholic Missionary Disciples on prayer, evangelization, scripture, discipleship, vocational preparation and living, and more!

Would you like to learn how to date well? Sign up for our course on Dating Formation to be formed in proximate preparation for the Vocation of Holy Matrimony!

Want to know more about us? We’re happy to share! We also would love to come to you to give a talk or retreat!

why “our outpost”?

We are in a battle behind enemy lines!

We live in the city of man…

with hearts made for the city of God!

Outposts are fortifications behind enemy lines

and we want to equip you for the mission God has for you!

Why we’re doing this

As a family, we share the fruit of our contemplation, dream big dreams, and encourage the following of dreams. We value formation and hospitality, and approach life with a sense of humor and a spirit of adventure.

Supporting others through this ministry is the organic growth of what we’ve been working on our entire marriage, and we are delighted when we teach others enough for them to surpass us!

“Great Catholic Podcast”

This is an amazing podcast. It sparks interest in many subjects I didn’t know I was interested in. Joseph and Crystal balance each other out as the delve into different aspects of being missionary minded and taking action. I listen to it often and then it makes for starting great conversations with friends and family in my life.


“A helpful guide for families…”

So many different topics to delve into and learn from! My favorite episodes are the ones about dating and marriage and also the vulnerability series. Joseph and Crystal are not afraid to talk about the ideals that we should be striving for as Christians while also being real about the struggles we’ll face in striving for the ideal – which is SO REFRESHING in a culture that tells us ‘you do you’, and ‘it’s okay if you want to live a miserable life go ahead and choose that while I applaud you for it’


“Great Retreat!!!”

I liked how the talks were very practical and logically presented. A lot of dating Christian advice seems nice in theory, but hard to apply in actual situations, but the things they presented were very useful. I liked how Crystal and Joseph shared stories in their personal life. It made it feel like ‘wow, this could actually be practical in real life.’

Retreatant from our “Dating Like a Catholic” retreat

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Our Podcast