About Us

Our History

We’re Joseph and Crystal Gruber! We first spent a year as teammates as FOCUS missionaries, and then started dating in 2011. We were married in 2012. Since then we have continued to stay on staff with FOCUS and in the field serving on campuses across the country and then in a parish.

We have discovered a deep love for sharing formative materials that dig into the beautiful principles the faith has to offer us, as well as practical tips to help people allow their lives to be transformed by the information gained. To be able to share our ideas, we started a podcast! As we’ve been podcasting, we’ve discovered one of our favorite topics is dating and marriage… so we’ve been doing more and more to help Catholic singles and couples live out the Church’s teachings on marriage! Now we run our own ministry for supporting people called to matrimony!

We love public speaking, content creation, and sharing our lives with people! We hope you find fruitful, formative materials in our work! Please reach out if you would like to work with us. We have given retreats on dating as well as on the transcendentals (goodness, truth, and beauty), and talks on all kinds of things ranging from discipleship, to the prayer, to marriage, and lots in between. Our ideal is to have targeted, interactive, small-group presentations on a host of marriage-related topics!

“The Jackson community is very blessed to have Joseph and Crystal working to change the culture and cultivate missionary disciples.”

-Sarah Fluegemann